2013 Fall Conference

Submitted by Kimberly Morley, Board Secretary

The conference in Hood River was fantastic!! Be sure to thank Tim Ferrell and Bob Huskey for the work they put into it.

We would like to thank all of those that attended our fall conference. The cemeteries and funeral homes represented were as follows: Ty Cochran from Belcrest, Melissa McDonald from Metro, Tim Farrell and Steve Lindley from Hood River, Bob Huskey from Idlewilde, Bob Palmer from St. Mary’s, Rachel and  Steve Christian from Skyline Memorial Gardens, Bryan and Eileen Lingg from Hull and Hull Funeral Directors, Nancy Felton from Crescent Grove, JC Aubry and Kim Morley from SCI, Cliff Fountain and  Casey Sutton from Lincoln Memorial Park, Bill Patrick from Rose City Cemetery, David Noble from River View Cemetery, Russ and Bea Crawford from Columbia Funeral Home, Justin Trowbridge from Portland Memorial, Jim Haberski from St. Anthony’s Cemetery, Randy Holmstrom from Pine Grove Butte Cemetery, and Teri Hanawalt-Souza and Cynthia Foss from Forest Lawn Cemetery.

A special thanks to our vendors that participated in our conference. They were as follows: Brian Connealy from ASCO, Becky and Kent Sturgeon from Permavase, Sam Brownleewe and Erin Brownleewe-Castro from Oregon Memorials, Dennis Brokaw and Lonnie Beeler from SI, Ryan Byrne and Stephanie Whorton from Milne, Sandra Roberts from Repose Cemetery Solutions, Will Smith from Cemetek, Larry Hager and Mike Holloway from Bronzecraft, Sally Donovan a Historic Preservationist,

Pete Jett from Crystal Remembrance, Dan Brenneman from Heritage Pacific, and Jim Thayer with Tribute Mfg.

As the new secretary I would like to say thank you to Tim Ferrell who done a great job of recording our meetings. His last minutes are listed below.

The CAO Member Meeting Minutes Members present:

President Justin Trowbridge called the meeting to order and handed out ballots for the three directors’ positions. All directors on the ballot were re-elected (Bill Patrick, Rachel Fox, and Bob Huskey).

The vendors were then listed and told how much the CAO appreciated their attendance and participation.

It was announced that a new Facebook page had been established. Members were encouraged to send photos and “like” the page. A link has been provided to an OMCB survey. JC then posted the financials and reported on behalf of the Treasurer, who was absent.

Basically, the CAO generated $15,000.00 in income and has $43,000.00 in the bank. PAC fund donations from cemeteries were acknowledged. Fortunately, there are no pressing legislative issues in the next session.

A membership report stated that member fees were reduced in 2013 to a flat fee, not a fee per interment. Membership now consists of 11 vendors (10 were at the conference), and 56 properties, an increase in 15 since last year. Although the CAO’s income is down from this source, the Board feels that it is more important to get properties involved in the industry to share ideas. It was then reported that the conference would turn a small profit.

Cemetery Association of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

Hood River Inn, Hood River, Oregon October 19, 1013

Board Members present: Kim, Rachel, JC, Justin, Tim, Bob, Dan,

Justin called the board meeting to order. All officers except Tim agreed to continue. Kim volunteered to be secretary and an election was held with the result being the same board, with Kim as Secretary.

Since a membership report and treasurer’s report were already given at the membership meeting, these items were not discussed.

It was moved that the next meeting be held on December 12, 2013 at 11 am at Langdon Farms.

The meeting was then adjourned.



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