2014 Annual Conference and Meeting

Please join us in Lincoln City this September 19-21st, we are building off the successful conference in Hood River and have created a great line up for you in 2014.


The CAO Conference Registration 2014 is ready for you! Simply click on the hyperlink to download the registration form. CAO Conference Registration 2014

The agenda can be found here: 2014 Agenda CAO Conference Agenda 2014

Cemetery Association of Oregon – President’s Message

Dear Cemeterians:

Welcome to our annual Conference.  We have an exciting line up for you.  Here are a few of the highlights we hope you will enjoy.

In addition to golf on Friday, September 19th we have some great speakers lined up for the 20th. And please take note that Trace Adkins will be performing at Chinook Winds while we are staying there, what a great opportunity to see a talented singer in a smaller venue. As for preserving your property, learn from the OSU Extension’s Soils program and from their new green cemeteries program. We thought we’d mix things up and have a few talks about history and also funeral rituals.  This weekend you will learn about beer, history, saying goodbye, bugs and soil.

We are fortunate to have our conference at the coast while the weather is still nice, we hope you and your family will be able to enjoy the town.

Please join us for some local cheer in the Whale Room Friday night to get acquainted.  We look forward to seeing you at all the activities.

I am finishing up my last year as the Association’s President, this means there will be elections. It will be exciting for all of you to join us for elections on Saturday afternoon as we welcome in new members and elect the next President. Our organization is close knit and it’s been my pleasure to serve the Association over the past few years.

See you at the beach, maybe by the bonfire!

Justin Trowbridge, President

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